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Alcohol and work do not mix, we all know, when it comes to know that with my colleagues, especially colleagues who lust after drinking the mixture tends to be catastrophic. that an older woman, married had believed for some time. He was always well dressed, attractive and friendly. in one of the office birthday drank together at lunch and I was more than generous with my praise. However, we have a normal lunch for some time and had drunk too much to maintain control. I entered the elevator in the back, and she asked me if I meant what I said to her. I wanktube confirmed that I and a few others, and she came over and started kissing me. when we separate from the kiss, she said she had made me quite some time, and we must do something about it. we parted, our different departments, such as the elevator arrived, and my head was spinning. What to do and how. would have to work, and pushed back his planhow it works. An hour later the lady came to my office, closed the door and pulled a bunch of files on my desktop. came and stood beside me and put a hand on my neck. Pure power. He leaned forward and I could smell her perfume tenuous. As I explained what the files were wanktube in the process, his head was so close to me, as it could without touching them. A then said it was enough of the bull, you know why I'm here so let's do. started kissing me and I tried to get up. Then he rubbed his hand on my wanktube lap and started my cock. I grabbed her left breast and began to gently caress with one hand and slid wanktube her free hand on the back of your legs. I rubbed my hand around her pussy and ass, and she helped me up. For both hands, without the obstruction caused clothes, pulled his pants and underpants and rubbed each other with passion. You deserve much better than a quickie in the table, but there is a riskwith every second, and now we were too far gone to stop. to put it back on my desk, spread her legs got right precious and pulsating penis on her lips. I rubbed up and down for a few strokes and slid my cock all the way were beautiful, very wet, tight and muscular. Allow absolute freedom took a few minutes and I think because of erotic relationships, our two cum just flowed together. was a real pleasure, but so good. Fuck someone in your desk should have coveted the sexiest way down. When finished, she rose and adjusted her dress, hugged me, kissed me again, turned and left my office to say that I have the files wanktube again, at any time. tell you what he did and when.
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